Petition open to legalise CO beach at ABay Noosa

We’ve recently been alerted to a new online petition currently running to get a legalised clothing optional beach at Alexandria Bay in the Noosa National Park. Home of the annual nude olympics and a popular unofficial nude beach for at least 25 years, ABay has struggled to get legal status in the past with all of the usual “buck passing” political antics that seems to occur at CO beaches all around Australia!! Politics and clothing optional beaches have never seemed too comfortable together, and many of us are very familiar with the tried-and-tested “it’s a State Govt decision”; “no it’s a council decision”; “no it’s a Parks and Wildlife decision” (and so on, rinse and repeat).

In Victoria, where there are 4 legal clothing optional beaches (although probably only 3 in the not too distant future), the local council is responsible for the beach up to the foot of the dunes or cliffs, while Parks is responsible for the dunes and further inland some distance. The State Government planning minister takes direction from the councils, after appropriate community consultation. It would seem the process is not too dissimilar in Queensland, as highlighted in news articles when this has been tried in the past in Mudjimba in 2008; ABay in 2008 with Anna Bligh and local mayor support; and ABay again in 2011 with a reader poll showing 83% support.

You can take a look at the petition and show your support, the goal is 1000 signatures – all our beaches around the country require not just beach users but also nudist and clothing optional supporters to get involved. Every vote does actually count, and yours is needed now!

9 thoughts on “Petition open to legalise CO beach at ABay Noosa”

  1. Signature numbers growing slowly. Now just over 300, but given many of those are supporters even from overseas, Where are all the aussie nudists? It is a time to support the petition. Please ask your friends to signit

  2. Hi,

    I think you need to rethink if you are to have any chance of success with yr A-Bay petition. After all, if you are to achieve your aims, then you really need a very strong ‘show of hands’ from not only the nudist community, but from the textile community in terms of ‘we don’t mind’.

    What’s more, you don’t get many chances to have policy/laws changed & the risk is that if its done poorly, it may even go in reverse.

    Given the above , I think you need a more public survey and not simply a cross-link from this website page. After all, if you’re not a nudie, then the chances of this site being found are pretty slim. Its a bit like winking in the dark – you know you’re doing it, but nobody else does….

    What’s more, I think you’d be better served by something that’s not asking for personal information – eg address – as this will put some people off. Gather names & approx geographic location, but not addresses as I don’t think they are relevant to the cause.

    Perhaps it would also be helpful to consider running a survey in parallel with this one just to see which one is ‘more public’?

  3. What’s the current go at A Bay? I heard there had been a crack down. Was thinking of heading up tomorrow afternoon.

  4. There definitely needs to be a change and start approving legal clothing optional beaches in QLD! Being from Port Stephens and having Samurai beach right at my door step was great for me, being able to camp out there as well was a real bonus! TThe beach and camping area were always pristine due to the users having great respect for the place.
    I see no reason why the QLD Government and local councils don’t get with the times and start designating beaches as clothing optional. Providing areas for camping and 4wd acces to them would be brilliant but that might be just pushing the friendship a bit far with them to start with!

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