Nude FAQ

This page has been created to collate the many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that are asked by those new to the idea! It is by no means exhaustive – and you can help! Simply post a comment with your own Question and Answer, and we will include it in the list.

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Here are some additional sources of common questions asked by new nudists!
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Common Questions…

What exactly is a nudist/naturist/naturalist/barebun/etc?
While the definitions are many, the basic premise is the same – nudists are people who enjoy not wearing clothes, pure and simple. There is a lengthy discussion on Wikipedia that is well worth the read (and a long read it is!!) -> Click Here

If any/all of these apply to you, you could well be a nudist and not even realise it:
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  • You get out of the shower in the morning and stay nude until you have to get dressed because it feels comfortable
  • You’ve sneaked out into the backyard nude on a nice day because you like the way the sun feels on your skin
  • You’ve taken a swim in your own (or any) swimming pool nude because it simply feels good to do so (and it does eliminate needing to deal with soggy bathers!!)
  • The idea of being in a Spencer Tunick photo is appealing for the sake of the experience, and the fact that you would be nude is not troubling at all (or you’ve been in a Spencer Tunick photo shoot and marvelled at how much warmer you were with your clothes off than on – there’s a reason for that!!)
  • When you did get dressed after being nude for a period of time, you noticed how unfriendly your clothes felt, heavy and unforgiving, and restricting the freedom you were enjoying


We could go on… Basically, a nudist is you, without clothes. Jump in with both feet – please take off your shoes first!

Why would I ever want to try nudism anyway?
There are lots of answers to this question, and lots of opinions – how about checking out these 205 arguments for nudism and working from there!! -> Click here

I could never let other people see me nude, I’m no supermodel/elite athlete
Perhaps you haven’t noticed when you walk down the street but neither is anyone else!! There are less than 1000 supermodels/elite athletes you could Google for, yet there over 22 million people in Australia alone. The only way to really prove the point is for you to actually go to a nude beach in summer – stay dressed if you like, and feel free to turn around and leave as soon as you’ve spotted a supermodel or elite athlete. We’re all normal here, just like you!

I’m often nude in my house, but the idea of going outside is scary!
Some people advocate jumping in at the deep end – hit the beach, strip off in less than a minute, and see what happens. Perfect for some, but if you’re the more cautious type, take it at your own pace. Many people have started going outside by simply heading out into their backyard late on a warm night. Spend a few minutes enjoying the breeze and listening to the sounds. Work your way up to bigger things – hang out the washing nude (easy if you have high fences). Perhaps put your clothes in the farthest corner of the gym changeroom and walk there nude after your shower – discover that there will be no pointing and laughing!!

Take it at your own pace – the key is in enjoying the experience, not worrying about it!

Won’t I feel self-conscious?
The amazing thing about being nude in public is that once you actually make the leap and get nude, all of the feelings you will have are basically completely opposite to what you would expect. Being nude around other nude people feels very normal (just ask the 4000 Spencer Tunick participants in Melbourne). People want to feel like they belong, and the most natural way to achieve that is to “do as the Romans do”, so on a nude beach that means getting nude – and it will feel completely normal!!

Don’t believe us? Head down to that nude beach in summer and walk the length while fully dressed. Or head into your local shopping centre and strip off – that’s what self-conscious feels like!! (Note: we are not advocating stripping off in your local shopping centre, it’s just an example!! We might be nudists, that does not mean we should do stupid things or act illegally!!)

(Guys) What if something “happens”…?
This is a common question from the guys, the fear that the “uncontrollable” might happen. The reality is completely different because there is a gaping chasm between recreational nudity/nudism and sexual nudity. It’s all about context – participating in an activity with a sexual context may cause the obvious result (although many men report zero effect even at strip clubs). So the chances that anything will happen while attending a nude beach where there is no sexual context or activity is quite slim.

Many males have commented that there is actually more sexual context in swimwear than there is in complete nudity. Swimwear has “potential” apparently (both for women and men), and the mind is a powerful aphrodisiac. When there’s nothing being hidden, there’s nothing for the brain to ponder!

The only way you’ll know we are right is to go to a beach and be nude – as soon as you strip off you’ll immediately realise nothing is going to happen, and then you can relax and enjoy the day! In the unlikely event something does happen, simply cover up with a towel – common sense still applies to nudists you know!!

I’m always nude, but my partner is reluctant…
This is a tough one, both for the guys and the girls. We see it all too often – the guy (usually) is the one who’s carefree about being nude, and cannot comprehend why the girl (usually) can’t see the CLEARLY OBVIOUS merits of being nude also!!

Of course, there are other scenarios possible, but the outcome is the same – one person likes being nude, and desperately wants the other person to share the enjoyment and be a part of their lifestyle!!

Anyone who has been in this position can tell you one thing for certain – badgering doesn’t help!! Ever!! Not even slightly… If you want to generate some resentment and sleep on the couch for a while, try pestering your reluctant partner and let us know how you go!! The reluctant person has to want to try it for themselves – so your role in all of this is to provide information and support, and respect the other person’s decision regardless.

There are some great resources out there, and we’ve found that many reluctant people get over it pretty quickly once they’ve tried it. But up until then we can only suggest the following reading, and encourage you to be patient, always listen carefully, and be patient – you’ll get there in the end!!

SunnyDay has an excellent resource for reluctant partners – Click here and don’t forget to scroll up and down to read the rest!!

Where can I be nude?
There are lots of places you can be nude, starting with your own home, as often as you can. There are also legal beaches and unofficial locations all over Australia – just check the Nude Beaches page. Or join an online forum like Yahoo group Melbourne_Nudists-Naturists (Click here and ask the friendly people!!

Aussie Naturists has also done some great work plotting locations of interest around Australia, check them out!! (Click the little link under the picture to see a bigger view)

View Nudist Places in a larger map

What if I get approached while at the beach? Is it safe?
This question is answered no differently than if you were on a textile beach. Nude beaches are quite well attended but don’t usually see the ridiculous volumes of people you might see at St Kilda or Bondi Beach on a 32 degree day. This means you’ll get a nice bit of space and the luxury of knowing you are amongst a community that is quite protective. Undesireables do happen, just like at any beach – the nudist community is very good at making them feel unwelcome, so the chances of being hassled are quite low.

If you do get approached or don’t feel comfortable in a situation, others nearby may be able to assist. If the situation is serious, do not hesitate to contact police (just like you would on any beach). And don’t hesitate to report your experience to sites like this or the user forums – the nudist community wants everyone’s experience to be great, and we all want to be on the lookout for any problems so we can stamp them out quickly.

Aren’t nude beaches known to be hangouts for inappropriate activity and undesireable people?
The nudist community faces a problem caused by the association the media and various interest groups make between nudity and sex. So it’s not uncommon to read a newspaper article indicating clothing optional beaches are a hive of inappropriate activity because of something that happened in a car park or the toilets, or involved people who are not nudists.

Like any community group, the nudist community faces its own fair share of challenges. Someone somewhere is always trying to have our beaches closed, and local government might only be supportive of our cause if the media doesn’t get involved! As a community there are lots of things we can do to reduce the risk of being associated with problem elements, such as:

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  • Do not participate in inappropriate activity on or near the clothing optional area
  • Do not wander nude into non clothing optional areas
  • Immediately report any inappropriate activity you witness and make it clear that you are a nudist and the activity was not being caused by nudists (examples are car park and toilet incidents)
  • If you are comfortable doing so, advise undesirables to take their activities elsewhere (be careful with this one, your own safety is a priority, so use your own good judgement and do not take any risks)
  • Always clean up behind you and remove all rubbish – nudists like clean beaches too!!
  • Talk to the nudist community here online, through the forums, and even at the beach – we’re a nice bunch of people and we won’t bite when you say hi!!