Nude Beach for Gold Coast?

It would appear the push for a legal nude beach on the Gold Coast is active again – check out the article on the Gold Coast Times “Nudists call for Coast beach sites”.

Dr Les Rootsey is quoted in the article, which is short but says what it needs to – and pleasantly avoids any social stereotyping or poor puns that we’ve seen in Victorian media in the past!

More interesting though is the reader poll, and the reader comments. The poll (at the time of writing this) had 70% of readers in favour of the idea. But a couple of the comments readers have made a quite fascinating!!

Show your support and vote in the poll, and we’ll keep a watch on developments!

Update: Another article from a couple of days ago, pointing out that Queensland tourist dollars are heading down the coast to Byron Bay, highlights that nude beaches are actually tourist money spinners – a fact well supported in the US (Gunnison Beach NJ is one of the largest around), and Europe (Cape D’Agde in France is an entire nudist town!). Click here to read the entire article.