*Important* GORCC Coastal Management Plan – Input Opportunity

Just had this one sent in to us, it would appear that the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) is kicking off the planning for the Coastal Management Plan (CMP). This is a seriously important process – these management plans become the basis for projects, funding and other coastal programs that guide and shape how the spaces under management are used.

Beaches affected are Pt Impossible and Southside, and this process is our opportunity to make comments or suggestions covering various topics around the beaches and their management.

We highly recommend anyone interested in contributing should fill out the online survey, or register to attend one of the workshops coming up later this month. We missed out on being part of the CMP Community Reference Group (decided back in September), so this is our chance to get our voices heard!

Check out these links to get more info:
– GORCC home page – http://www.gorcc.com.au/
– About the CMP – http://www.gorcc.com.au/projects/298/
– CMP Fact Sheet – Fact Sheet
– CMP Survey – http://surveyfactory.net/s/746/cmpsurvey1