Further clothes optional beaches to be explored in Byron Shire

It may come as a surprise to Free Beach members and supporters that the clothes optional status of Tyagarah Beach was under review by Byron Shire Council.

At the council meeting of 8th August, council officers had recommended to revoke its management of the clothes optional beach at Tyagarah.

Thankfully council decided against this recommendation and decided instead to consult the community and beach users. Councillor Spooner expressed that prior to any change in status of a beach that had been operating for the last 15 years, further consultation should be undertaken.

“Council needs time to consider an outcome in a measured way and with fairness to the community who has been using the clothes optional beach, to have input. Today’s time frame was too short.”

A council press release of 8th August stated that the council would consult with clothes optional bathers and relevant community groups. I therefore urge Free Beach members and supporters to contact Byron Shire Council, especially Councillor Spooner, and Mayor Richardson to express support to maintain a clothes optional beach within Byron Shire.

Tony Speare
Free Beaches Australia Inc. President


3 thoughts on “Further clothes optional beaches to be explored in Byron Shire”

  1. Thanks,Tony.

    I would encourage all members and supporters to voice your support for continuation of official status at Tyagarah and/or another beach within the Byron Shire.

  2. Wow… I am not sure of what grounds they would even reconsider it. It has been a legal beach now for so many years.

    I cant see the logic in how people complain about our right to enjoy the beach just because they are not nudists. Would it not be like me saying that we should get rid of the catholic chuch up the road as i am not a catholic?
    enough whinging form me….bring on the summer

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