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Trends in nude

Been a little while since our last post, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything going on – with the weather warming up here in Victoria, it’s great to get outside again and shake off the winter chills! Although, early morning visits to the beach are still not super warm, and the water is quite brisk!

A recent visit to one of Victoria’s beaches highlighted the plight of the traditional Victorian (and probably global) nudist – we’re an aging community if you were to only take the beach-goers as representative of our population!! Today we saw a few people at our chosen beach, less than expected for a warm day – mostly middle-to-late aged males, single, although we did see two older couples turn up at different times, and one solitary female who walked the length of the beach and then tucked herself into a corner of the beach away from prying eyes!

What is becoming of our community? We’re a group of aged introverts casting furtive glances in the direction of other nudists, occasionally saying a curt “hello” or a brief nod, wondering if we should chat to anyone or keep to ourselves, or something? Going to the beach these days is not exactly easy even for the most comfortable nudist, with all the dune dwellers, carpark cruisers and poor facilities or access.

It would appear to be the same the world over, although internationally there are a few new trends emerging that are interesting and worth keeping an eye on. The first is that underground nudist movement in an ultra conservative culture like India is actually (slowly) becoming more public. According to the article titled “Being Nude: Nothing Unnatural About it“, meetup groups have formed and the topic is at least generating a little discussion. If nudism can become more public in a heavily conservative culture like India, surely there is hope for us here in our more liberal western cultures? Hmmm…

Another positive trend seems to highlight that nudism is not actually dead with today’s youth – while the current generation are often talking about how to get more of the younger generation interested in the lifestyle, it would appear they already are, and have set about being nudists in their own way.

Check out the article on MTSUSidelines – “Nudism Embraced by the Younger Generation” – it would appear that the 20-somethings would rather be nude in the safe company of a small group of like-minded friends than hit the beach or join a club. That’s not to say they don’t occasionally visit clubs or resorts, but they do so more as a holiday/break rather than an ongoing practice. And naked dinners seem to be popular in the US as well.

What’s interesting about all this is that the unwillingness of the youth to hang out in clubs and on beaches may well have nothing to do with their unwillingness to be nude. Put simply, nudism is still perceived as being an older generation lifestyle choice – and we all know that once the kids leave home, the last thing they plan to do is hang out with people the same age as their parents.

This could explain why Vita Nuda has been so popular with the younger generation – it is the youth providing a forum for the youth, and not the older generation trying to get the youth. That makes it interesting for the people involved with this portal (including this webmaster) – we’re aged in the middle somewhere, early to late 30’s, not part of the older generation and a bit beyond the younger generation. How do we fit in?

Us 30-somethings have the opportunity to empower the youth with our experience, without trying to muscle in on what they are trying to achieve. Let them do what they want to do, in a forum or location that is comfortable for them. It’s not about trying to get the youth involved in _our_ nudist community, it’s about getting the youth interested in being active in their own community, and helping them spread the word and generate interest for themselves. That kind of “behind the scenes” encouragement and experience should help as the youth get older and wiser themselves – if they’ve had great experiences in safe surroundings, they’re more likely to stay nudists and be more relaxed and open about their interests.

Read the article, it is definitely an interesting insight, and food for thought… hmmm, naked dinner perhaps?

27 thoughts on “Trends in nude

  1. I’ve always held the belief that we could not ‘force’ society to like and even understand naturism. That we couldn’t ‘manufacture’ an interest.
    I hope the horse hasn’t completely bolted. I must comment that it is SO good to see THIS. This article, so correctly and well-written.
    Oh, how I would have liked to have seen this a few years ago!!

  2. As a 40 year old single female, I had my first (and last) nudist experience yesterday at Sunnyside beach, Vic. I was quite excited at the prospect of discovering nudism and the anticipated freedom. I am not shy of my own or others naked bodies and did expect people to look. What I didn’t expect was the extensive ogling and outright lengthy staring of the predominately single male 55+ age group there. It was really creepy and has put me off ever doing this again. It’s a real shame as it was something I’d been looking forward to discovering but this experience has left a very sour taste. When on old pervert would stare for too long, I’d glare back, expecting them to divert their eyes. OH NO! They just kept staring! If I turned my back on them, they’d try to start a conversation so that I’d turn around. The odd younger person and couples were fine, it was just these creepy old men who felt they could stare at you for as long as they liked. One older lady (there with her husband) even warned me to be careful of the “shark attack” in the water. A couple of 30ish ladies in the water were being gradually surrounded by around 6 single old men. Horrible! Is it not possible to have segregated areas for single men, couples, single women? This happens at swingers parties to keep undesirable ogling men out. Maybe the nudist beaches need this too? Can you tell me if Point Impossible has a less perving type of nudist (ie less old, single men) or is this the general demographic now? From reading this article, I’m scared that it may be. I’m really disappointed :-(

    • Yes well the last time i was down there there was a couple of the elder ones there & i too got the ogling (& im a male).
      As i went for walk to the other end of the beach there looked what like about three or four gay males there & there eyes seamed to follow my every move.
      Maybe it was just that it was my first visit to Sunnyside but yeah it does leave you with a bad taste.
      I ended up going back to the southern end of the beach which was much friendlier end of the beach.

    • Hi Narelle,

      Don’t give up on beach nudism just because of a few jerks like those menopausal men. For instance would you give up going to work because of some workmates who might make your life hell? Or what about going shopping or a textile beach because there are older guys there who might be looking at you?

      If these guys make you feel uneasy, speak up. Tell them to stop staring, to piss off and leave you alone, and tell them that their behaviour is inappropriate and creepy. Say it loud and firmly and they will turn tail and run.

      Guys like them are gutless wimps who can’t or don’t know how to get a woman, and lack social graces.

      Nudist women need to start getting more vocal about their rights and their lifestyle, otherwise our movement will die out and just become a little grumpy old men’s club.

    • Narelle

      I used to go to Sunnyside when I lived in Melbourne, it was OK but not many women and yes there were issues then and girls were sometimes surrounded. The beaches near Geelong / Torquay are much better, there is more space so the crowding and hassles are less. There seems to be a push to hassle those who hang around the dunes to perv. Otherwise the beaches are open and inviting, you will find your own space easily. Don’t be deterred if you enjoy getting nude at the beach, there is no better way to enjoy the beach and a swim.

  3. Sunnyside is wrecked, even as a male you still get those weird old dudes following you around, it’s the most oncomfortable thing and I don’t get why they hover around there. Really creepy.

  4. Sometimes beaches can be too hard for lone female nudists. Consider joining a nudist club and be with like minded people in a safe environment. All Australia’s nudist carnivals are organised by established nudist clubs.

  5. I have done a lot of reading about this beach and it seems it’s just full of older men that are just plain creepy. I’ve wanted to try out a nudist beach for a long time now, but with this beach being the only nearby nudist beach for me, it’s hard to find anywhere else. I’ve tried going ther twice but both times I’ve never left my car, as there are older men who are already staring at me weirdly as I drive through the car park.

    • The beach itself is much better than the carpark, although getting there can be a challenge at high tide across the rocks! Your experience is one of our community’s major challenges – non-nudists are congregating in the carparks and around toilet blocks for purposes other than beach use! Councils are aware of the issue, it happens at textile beaches as well – simply get out of your car and hit the beach, carparks are no place to decide if the beach is for you!! Better yet, post on one of the community forums (such as Melbourne_nudists-naturists on Yahoo) and let people know you are heading to the beach – there’s sure to be people who plan to be there as well!

      Finally, and we say this to all beach users – these are clothing optional beaches. Outside of that, they are no different to any other beach. That means behaviour should be appropriate and legal, just like on any beach!! If anyone is behaving inappropriately, report it to police! We’ve worked with Victoria Police and some of the local councils to try and ensure a safe space for all beach users! If you see something and don’t report it, that’s another statistic lost that the councils and police can’t use to get funding or set up patrols.

  6. Sunnyside is a bit of a shame, with such an imbalance of Gay guys.
    Last year I started heading for the Secluded end (east) at somers – the area of beach near HMAS Cerberus, is used by some to get nude, and is private and open enough to be pleasant and enjoyable without people hanging around.

    Simuarly for the East End of Silverleaves at Phillip Island.

    When the warmer weather hits give them a try

  7. Am totally discussed at the attitude of clubs/resorts and single male discrimination. I am appalled at the experience that people have had at events etc.

    I am Single.. I am 49 and Male and straight! I am neither a sick, twisted or a perve or what ever brush you want to tarnish me with ( as most do – if not all)

    I am divorced and was married for 10 years. I have no children; and don’t plan to! and am NOT gay/bisexual either.


    I will continue to enjoy my freedoms of expression at any and all places that I feel comfortable at. I will NOT join nor participate in any club or event that is associated with my enjoyment.

    I will continue to visit the beach and partake in MY activities of fishing/ walking/ bushwalking and soaking up the rays on my OWN and not let the preconceptions of my status and lifestyle affect my life, Period!

    If I was looking for a partner I would be not looking at the Naturalist community at large as I find them (most not all) to political, egotistical and despite the ‘advertisment’ of being friendly to all like minded people – discriminatory.

    Enjoy your lifestyles and your activities and to Narelle i am truly apologetic for your experience and hope you find solace in your own found expressionism and find a suitable place to enjoy the fresh air.

    Gary W
    Queanbeyan NSW

  8. Me and my wife tried naturism a few years ago, we been going to Point Impossible regularly during summer BUT we are getting really tired of the army of middle/old aged perverts that roam the beach up and down all day staring and looking etc…We wander how many sex offenders are going to this beach. We went yesterday ( Tuesday , hot 1of April) and it was really bad! How can you expect that women feel comfortable with so many of this deeply disturb psychos around !
    We might give up going before someone is going to get hurt , We are very nice and calm people BUT we practice fight sports and …it could get ugly !
    If any of this scumbags is reading this : don’t you have the internet ??

  9. My wife and I are new to Naturism. 2 weeks ago I decided to check out this beach on my own to see if my wife would feel comfortable there
    and to see what the gender balance was like after reading all the comments.
    I was pleasantly surprised, Yes there were more males then females and I kept a close look on the males to see if they were perving at any of the females and the did not seem to be. Overall I was very impressed and will not hesitate in taking my wife to this beach

  10. Yes I did take my wife there on Thursday the 22nd of Jan/ temp was about 35 deg and yes there were a lot more Males then females but they did not bother any one and my Wife loved it. We must remember it is a natural human instinct to people watch. We all do this in a textile beach and you don’t give it a second thought, in fact most women in the textile outing would be flatted if men looked and admired them so I fail to see the differents just because they are both nude

  11. This is an absolutely dreadful beach for women. went there today ) Then realised what a bad decision it was. Men came from every directions– just standing looking and walking parallel on way to water and back. IF you are female do not go. It is a disgrace and not female friendly at all.

  12. Sorry to hear about your bad experience Jane Its best to go on the weekend when there are more couples and single women. Just find a spot
    next to them as these predators tend to stay clear around couples.

  13. My wife and I just came back from sunnyside nude beach and it was fantastic, lots of couples and single women and single men young and old
    and there did not seem to be any men walking around perving
    There were even families with children .So next time Jane try going on a sunday

  14. There are two type of single men that frequent nude beaches,one is a true nudist the other is a pervert. The nudist male like the single female or a couple will find a spot and stay there go for a swim and go back to his spot. The pervert will move about finding new spots and at times move closer to either single females or a couple. they will also walk up and down the beach looking for a choice spot some times with a half erection so they are easy to spot.
    Something needs to be done about these perverts because they intimidate
    single females and some couples

  15. Hi I’m 39 male been to sunnyside about 3 times now and I love it!!! Just love to strip off and chill out. I intend to find a spot and stay put but I think you do get the odd perv having a quick look at ya tackle but to be onest I just ignore it lol!!!!
    If you are a female and would prefer to be with some one then message me I would love a nudist beach companion lol
    Just chill and have a laugh and I think it more comfortable if you have someone with ya !

  16. Why don’t we have more people like Bob Reed patrolling the beaches at Sunnyside and Point Impossible, or have a rule brought in that single men are not allowed to visit the beach unless they have a woman with them that some of the European nudist beaches employ? That would help the women feel more comfortable with going to the beach. As for the “creepy old men”, I think there should be a rehabilitation program devised for them to help them modify their behavior at nude beaches so they don’t turn the women off. Plus we should be pushing to make clothing optional recreation legal on *all* beaches, not just a remote few.

    • Great idea Sunshine. Ban single men from all beaches while you’re at it.
      Single men cop enough discrimination as it is.
      Better option would be for a police crack down on men looking for and having sex at these beaches with anyone caught in the act being charged, named and shamed then banned for life from all Australian beaches.
      Anyone caught wandering up and down fully clothed should be removed as well.
      Want to hook up. Place an add or go to a bar then get a cheap room somewhere. The beach is not a place for random and or anonymous sex.
      The places the sexual acts occur are well know. It wouldn’t be hard for police to catch people participating in inappropriate behavior.

  17. so! because I am a single male who has a few years under my belt I should be discriminated against and not permitted to indulge my new found pastime and be restricted to being a home nudist. I thought it was about being accepted by the naturist community and enjoying the lifestyle. please do judge everybody by the acts of a minority who just happen to be single and older.

  18. Hi Everyone,
    Im a 28 yr old straight male, I have recently moved down from the UK to Melb.

    Weather is finally picking up and I am looking for a nude beach to try here. I have been once before in Spain – really enjoyed relaxing, reading and working from my laptop in the sun – clears my head and helps me get work done.

    Which beach would you recommend most? Im somewhat scared and put off by the stuff that I have been reading in regards to perverts, gay men and gawkers hiding…… None of this in Spain, there were heaps of people and nobody even gave a creepy look.

    Would it be safe for me to go alone? which one of the 3 beaches is best? and what days are best to go ?